Introducing Funnel reports

11 Jan. 2023

To help B2B SaaS companies increase their MRR, we decided to first build a Funnel report. This report tells you how you can improve your customer journey to grow MRR.


This is a beta feature, which you can try here.


The customer journey of a B2B SaaS company usually looks something like this:

  • Option A: Trial then Customer

  • Option B: Trial then Demo then Customer

  • Option C: Demo then Trial then Customer

  • Option D: Demo then Customer

  • Option E: Free then Trial then Customer 


Let's take a simple 2-step funnel: 14-day trial and then convert to customer. Let's assume that your goal is to convert more trials into customers.


First, create the two funnel steps (trial sign-up, customer conversion) inside your Funnel report. The first integration we support is ActiveCampaign. Segment will be our second integration.


Choose your ActiveCampaign tags using a “Contains” operator to complete your funnel set-up:


If you want to add another step in your customer journey, click on “Add step”.


Once you click on “Go to report”, you will see insights about your customer journey. This is a very early version, which means so far you will only see:

  • the conversion rate between funnel steps

  • the overall conversion rate

  • the absolute number of people that completed each step


The time range is fixed to 3 months rights now. You currently can not name a report or edit a report.


We will add more improvements to the Funnel report next week. 


I will leave you with some questions:

  • What information would you like to know about your customer journey? 

  • How can we help you improve your customer journey? 

  • What questions do you have about your customer journey?


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