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Connect your ads, billing, CRM & calls to uncover your full customer journey. Discover what really drives your revenue & scale your ROAS.


Wildmetrics helps you with 3 fundamental questions

Question 1

What is the true customer journey?

Get insights into every touch of every customer journey. Or understand the big picture.

Question 2

How are we driving revenue?

Connect your billing system with your ad platforms and CRM to discover what really drives revenue.

Question 3

Where can we optimize?

Reveal revenue-generating campaigns across your ads and funnels. Get AI-powered suggestions on what to optimize.


Get 1-click forecasts

Forecast any metric 3, 6 and 12 months into the future based on your historical data and interpreted with Wildmetrics AI.


Set & track your revenue goals

With Wildmetrics you can set your goal better than you can with Stripe, ProfitWell or ChartMogul combined. Keep a daily eye on your revenue goal. Align your team. Stay focused.


Measure your funnels

Integrate Stripe & Segment to set up your Funnel report. Understand your conversion rates and where people drop off.


Track growth progress with sprints

Make your growth stand-ups more meaningful by tracking your progress in sprints.


Benchmark your KPIs

The only way to know if your KPIs are good is by comparing them again the industry benchmarks. Wildmetrics does this out-of-the-box for you.


Optimize by asking questions

Get answers and advice about your revenue metrics using OpenAI's ChatGPT. You can select from 100s of pre-defined questions.


AI-assisted brainstorming

Your personal AI assistant to brainstorm growth ideas and campaigns to grow faster. Get new inspiration or verify your ideas.


Calculate scenarios

Make better decisions with Wildmetrics AI by getting optimistic, neutral and pessimistic scenarios calculated for you.


Turn data into written reports

Tired of numbers or interpreting data? Wildmetrics AI summarises any Stripe data for you and provides a well written report with a click of a button. Not kidding.


How fast do you grow?

Wildmetrics tells you where your growth is coming from and how you can grow faster. Just ask Wildmetrics AI about your growth rate.


Compare metrics with AI

Wildmetrics AI compares any metric with a previous period. This helps you identify positive or negative trends as well as gives you a great idea how you are performing.


Know your revenue KPIs

Get graphs, metrics & tables for all your most important revenue KPIs in one place: Net MRR churn rate, Customer churn rate, Customer lifetime value, ARPA, MRR, ARR, Gross cash flow, Paying subscribers - just like with ChartMogul or ProfitWell.

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