Instant customer journey analytics for B2B SaaS

Convert more trials into paying customers. Just connect Segment & Stripe.


It takes 5 minutes to improve your B2B SaaS customer journey with Wildmetrics

Follow 3 simple steps

Step 1

Integrate Segment & Stripe with 1-click

Easily start sending your data by integrating your marketing stack with 1-click.

Step 2

Get insights from auto-generated reports

Use auto-generated reports to analyse your customer journey, trial activation, onboarding etc..

Step 3

Improve customer journey & grow MRR

Implement improvements using auto-generated reports to grow your MRR faster than ever.


Measure any funnel

Integrate Stripe & Segment to set-up your Funnel report. It's the simplest way to measure your customer journey and make improvements to it.


Achieve your MRR goal

Define your monthly MRR goal. Track it by connecting Stripe. Wildmetrics helps you reach it.


Activate more trials

Keep an overview on your active trials and help them convert to customers. See which trials are not reaching their AHA moment.


Onboard customers

Reduce churn by onboarding your customers properly. Identify customers that need extra help.

Let's get started

Wildmetrics is instant customer journey analytics for B2B SaaS. Convert more trials into paying customers.

  • Sign up & integrate Stripe & Segment

  • Get insights from auto-generated reports

  • Grow your MRR faster

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